Health and exercise

As we all get older, looking after our health and taking plenty of exercise gets even more important. Golf is one of those rare sports that you can play for many years – but we all have to make adjustments. Thanks to the handicap system, seniors are able to compete on a more-or-less fair basis with people of all ages and abilities.

Golf is not just “a good walk spoiled” – it can be a great way of getting some exercise.

A round of golf provides a great workout for your cardiovascular system. It helps strengthen your joints and muscles… and even improves bone density, helping to avoid problems such as osteoporosis.

It’s also great for mental health too. Playing golf requires concentration and mental sharpness. You need to focus on things like distance, club selection and Health benefits of golfdirection. This helps in the fight against diseases such as dementia.

I’ll be passing on some ideas on what you can do to put golf at the centre of your health and exercise programme.


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