Golfing for Seniors

Golf is a great game. I started playing when I was 10 which nowadays is considered a bit old! The wonderful thing about is that you can carry on playing it all your life, though you may have to make a few adjustments as you get older.

There are not many active sports where you can do this. American Football stars are largely finished by the time they’re 30, so are Soccer stars. Rugby is a fit, scotland-598473_1280young person’s game and so is hockey and baseball.

You could, of course, play cricket – but that’s only in the summer months. Golf is a sport you can play all year round (unless the course is covered in snow).

It’s also a great way to keep fit, both physically and mentally. The camaderie and banter between golfers keeps us all mentally agile while a walk in the open air is always good for you.


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