About Me

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to visit this site and also for taking even more time to learn a bit about who I am and why I’ve created this resource.

How I used to look

How I used to look last time I played golf regularly

Growing up in Northern Ireland I loved golf and played it at every opportunity. One of my clearest memories (I’m not getting any younger) is of my late Father being amused by having won the “Veteran’s Cup” at our Golf Club. He thought it very funny to be classed as a Veteran at 50.

Work took me to England and my days were filled with other things which have taken me away from the golf course. Now that my daughters are growing up (six and eight, as you ask) I’m planning on taking up my favourite sport again.

But my body is not the same as it was in the 1980s… And nor is golf equipment…

How I look now

And how I look now…

These thoughts led me to investigate how golf technology can help the more mature golfer, what are the best golf clubs for seniors to choose, for example? What sort of golfing exercises should seniors be doing? And are there any health issues?

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and I look forward to hearing about yours.

Happy golfing!


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